Catalina Brewing Company (CBC) is a small (nano) craft brewery that manufactures and distributes a variety of craft beers designed and created from local materials with the southern Arizona market in mind, and centering around a mountain bicycling theme and the incredible outdoor spirit that exists in the Arizona Southwest.

We Bike, We Brew

Beer bob rock dropOur moniker says it all, “We Bike, We Brew”, though it should be understood that like the neighboring trails, our beer is certainly multi-user friendly – with a common ground – you share a love of quality craft beer! So, tell all your friends about us and visit our website often for updates on the latest brews being tested, and the progress we are making.

The Beginnings:

CBC’s history starts officially with the two partners sitting around a campfire drinking some of Hank’s home brew one late evening after a night ride at the 2009 Epic Rides 24 Hours of Old Pueblo mountain bike race. The evening of leisure turned into brainstorming concepts and plans for working together on bringing his dream of opening a brewery into reality. The IPA that inspired that night has carried on, appropriately named 0200 (O-two-hundred) to time stamp that occasion.

See you on the trail!


We Have Beer Gear!

Catalina Brewing Company Coozie ClubStop by and grab some great Catalina Brewing Company schwag, including t-shirts, cycling jerseys, stickers, and much more. Also, don’t forget to join our Coozie Club.