The most easily identifyable feature to Tucson, Arizona and the surrounding communities are the Catalina Mountains.  Whether biking, hiking, or driving to the top to get a taste of winter snow or escape the summer heat – the Catalina’s are an icon for outdoor enjoyment.  Catalina Brewing Company exudes the passionate nature of the region with beers that can be enjoyed by all who seek the bold outdoor adventure of the vibrant high-Sonoran desert with a friendly but fiery attitude.

We Bike, We Brew

Our moniker says it all, “We Bike, We Brew”, though it should be understood that like the neighboring trails, our beer is certainly multi-user friendly – with a common ground – you share a love of quality craft beer! So, tell all your friends about us and visit our website often for updates on the latest brews being tested, and the progress we are making. See you on the trail!