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What We Brew

Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of everything we’re brewing (and developing) at Catalina Brewing Company. If you’re looking for what’s available now, please view our What’s On Tap page.

Local Bites

And don’t forget to check out the Local Bites page to see what vittles we offer on-site, and what local restaurants are nearby.

Catalina Brewing Company Mesquite Agave AleMesquite Agave

What is becoming our flagship, this is an American Amber Ale with a taste like no others.  If you’ve lived in the Southwest for any length of time you’ve taken a dry mesquite pod, snapped it, and tasted the wonderful sweetness – these are ground down into a fine powder and added to the mash.  Agave nectar and a hop bill of Northern and Perle hops are added, providing the perfect balance for a smooth finish… let it linger in your mouth before enjoying your next sip. abv 6.3%

Catalina Brewing Company - 0200 IPA0200 IPA

Named for the wee-hour, this is the beer that Brian and Hank were enjoying when the idea of Catalina Brewing Company was born.  0200 is an old-school IPA (before the explosion of hop-bombs… pardon the pun), focusing on a balance of Amarillo, Simcoe, and Centennial hops into a flavor that is accessible, crisp, and refreshing. abv 5.6%


Catalina Brewing Company - 24HOP Double IPA24 Hop

Leaded and Unleaded

This beer is for the hop-lover in all of us!  Don’t listen to “the big boys” proclaiming that their beer is triple-hopped… this baby is hopped 24 times during the brewing process (hence the name), and then dry-hopped on top of that!  The “Unleaded” version is an Imperial IPA, but those seeking the added boost for that lap at 3 o’clock in the morning will want to try our “Leaded” version which is infused with dark-roasted coffee!  What a wonderful mix! Initial versions utilized the best of what hops remained available in January (off-season for hops), but that may change should this brew become more than seasonal. abv 7.5%


Special Event only to coincide with Epic Ride’s Annual 24 Hours in the Old Pueblo, happening President’s Day weekend in mid-February.  Come visit us in SDMB Town.

Canada del Oro (CDO) Blonde

A light, refreshing, golden ale – perfect for every occasion.  This is a great “introduction beer” for those who are mostly familiar with the lighter-side of commercial beers here in the US and from south of the border.  Cheers and enjoy!  (4.8% ABV, 17 IBU’s)



Catalina Brewing Company La Rosa de Catalina Cream AleLa Rosa

The native cultures have long-known the natural-cooling properties of the prickly pear fruit. Using enough hand-picked prickly pear fruit to taste, the name “La Rosa” could not be more appropriate. Drinks just as smooth as a rosy sunset on the Catalina Mountains. An added bonus is that over time, La Rosa morphs from its rosy pink color into a strawberry-amber color, and a completely changed character! (4.5% abv, 25 IBU’s)


Mesquite Smoked Pecan Dopplebock

The Tucson area is surrounded by several major pecan growers, so in keeping with the local fair, we present this belly-warmer. We start by smoking the raw pecans over mesquite wood. Then, finely ground, they are added to the mash to create a flavorful, nutty taste. Starting as our seasonal holiday brew, our plan is to eventually be able to lager, as a true doppelbock should be. (9% abv, 24 IBU’s)


Other Seasonal / Rotational recipes

  • Baby Jesus Ale (Christmas – TucsonMTB 8ish Days of Christmas Rides)
  • E-beer Electrolyte Recovery Ale
  • Cherry Tank(ed) Imperial Stout
  • Centella Point – Raspberry Imperial Stout
  • Chiltepin Mesquite Porter
  • Cat Scratch Fever
  • Teacher’s Aid Scottish Ale


Works in Progress

  •  Pink Monsoon IPA
  •  El Classico IPA
  • Cherry Tank(ed) Imperial Stout
  • The Brewers Session
  • Canada del Oro Golden Blonde
  • E-Beer Electrolyte Recovery Ale