Opening Day Daze

Catalina Brewing Company on Opening Day

Mere words cannot explain the euphoria of the past few days… we knew we could get “friends and family” out – but yesterday, to look across the taproom floor and realize (occasionally) “I do not recognize anyone”… THAT is just a little overwhelming… any words to describe would fall woefully short – but we must start with “THANK YOU”. Some of the preliminary stats from the day:

  • Opened at 2pm.
  • 2 “serve lines” extended out the door at 2:17 (that’s when I got Eric’s text, whilst we were delivering additional kegs to the Downtown Craft Beer Crawl).
  • The lines extended out the door non-stop until 7:25.
  • 35 sixtels, and our 1/2bbl of “She’s So Hop” blown out (added with partials left, that’s over 200 gallons… with 8 pints per gallon… well – you can do the math.
  • Thanks to the support from Beast Brewing Company, Sonoran (great root beer!), Sentinel Peak, and Borderlands (and the new tap law from last year, we did NOT run out of beer (but will only be pouring tasters next week, ok?wink emoticon just kidding… maybe…)

Someone asked if this is what I dreamed of happening… there is no possible way this could have been imagined… Thank you all for being a part of our dream!

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