We’re usually busy brewing and/or biking, but check back and we’ll have some more great photos and stories soon!

The Hobby:

  • Hank’s Kitchen – 3 Gallon brew pot
  • Hank’s Porch – 10 Gallon modified keg

CBC-CampfireThe Beginnings:

CBC’s history starts officially with the two partners sitting around a campfire drinking some of Hank’s home brew one late evening after a night ride at the 2009 Epic Rides 24 Hours of Old Pueblo mountain bike race. The evening of leisure turned into brainstorming concepts and plans for working together on bringing his dream of opening a brewery into reality. The IPA that inspired that night has carried on, appropriately named 0200 (O-two-hundred) to time stamp that occasion


The Company:

CBC started out with a custom built Brew Shed to perfect the recipes, including a one barrel system with home-made wood table and custom control system.

Now we are building the Brewery! We have a prime location secured in Marana with all the licenses and permits are in place and the build out is in process! Check our blog for updates and like our Facebook page for status and fun filled pictures and posts!